How cellphones and computers affect our sleep?

The mobile phone has become an extension of our hand and the computer is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and entertainment. These devices offer us enormous potential. But how do they affect our sleep?

They inevitably lead us to devote a large part of our time to using them. The truth is that in the end, their long-term use ends up having a negative effect on our lives.

The biggest “victim” of technology is our sleep. Digital devices and sleep are the concepts that simply oppose each other.

To more easily perceive the huge negative impact of cell phones and computers on our sleep it’s enough to ask ourselves a question:

What is the last thing we do before going to sleep? If the answer is “we look at our screens” then maybe it’s time to reconsider our choices.

Κινητό υπολογιστής και ύπνος

Digital devices cause insomnia…

Research has shown that those who use their mobile phone or computer in bed have more difficulty sleeping. Specifically, their use affects both being able to fall asleep and being able to wake up in the morning.

Our brain needs about 30 minutes to fall asleep and calm down. By constantly receiving alerts from electronic devices, the brain doesn’t have time to relax.

Digital devices also force us to wake up at night since our sleep flow is out of tune.

Essentially these devices manage to disrupt our sleep, resulting in reduced performance during the day due to fatigue.

In addition, the quality of sleep affects our mood. People, who don’t sleep well, either appear more nervous or have less energy and are mostly in a bad mood.

Those of us who sleep with our phones near our heads may have noticed that we can hardly manage our stress anymore. Our self-esteem is also vulnerable to technology.

They affect health in the long run

Lack of good quality sleep is considered to be responsible for the subsequent appearance of health problems. The over presence of technology has been linked to various diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart disease.

In addition, it can be the cause of obesity, due to our tendency to eat unhealthily while using electronic devices.

At the same time, we don’t have time to exercise despite what such a developments may have on our health.

Κινητό υπολογιστής και ύπνος

The LED light emitted by the screens is harmful

The light emitted by mobile and computer screens is able to penetrate through the eyes to the brain. As a result, the production of a hormone responsible for our sleep, melatonin, is marginalized.

It’s a given that our eyes don’t remain unaffected. Retinal damage and macular degeneration may occur over time.

The “blue” radiation couldn’t but affect our skin as it has the same power as sunlight. So it’s very likely that to show signs of premature aging, hyperpigmentation and blur.


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