Sleep is good for relationships

Surely you know about the multiple benefits of sleep for our health. But did you know that sleep is good for relationships? And when we say relationships, we mean the whole range of them: friendly, romantic, social, professional, etc.

Stress, memory problems, inability to concentrate, weight gain, vision problems, cardiovascular and premature death are only some of the problems you may experience when deprived of sleep for a long time. Therefore it’s important to get some quality sleep.

Let’s find out how sleep can affect our interpersonal relationships.

Sleep is good for relationships!

It increases our empathy

Empathy is our ability to empathize and understand the feelings of those around us.

This means that if a friend feels sad, we can understand it and try to help him or her in any way we can.

It lowers our aggression

Lack of sleep definitely makes us more irritable. But could it make us more aggressive as well? A recent study says… yes.

And not being able to control our irritability can affect our relationships.

Conversely, if we sleep well, we can have more self-control.

It helps us not to be alone

It’s well known that loneliness is associated with poor sleep. But is the opposite also true? Can good sleep lead to a better social presence? Based on studies, yes!

Lack of sleep makes people less social and forces them to stay away from others, according to research results.

Sleep and social relationships

Not only sleep itself is important, but everything that can affect it as well. If we quarrel with our loved ones or feel rejected, our sleep may be disturbed. This means that social problems can lead to poor sleep, and vice versa. However, we can always “break” this cycle, if we make sure we get enough rest!


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