Swimming: balance in body and soul

Exercise improves health, and it’s no secret. Even scientists, people that have nothing to do with the sports, confirm it. There are many benefits to both physical and mental health in exercise. Therefore, let’s talk about swimming: balance in body and soul.

One type of exercise that impressively combines the two is swimming. It’s probably the best aerobic exercise that brings balance to both body and soul.

Build the body of your dreams

Starting with the body, the impressive thing is that by swimming, you exercise all the muscles of the body. From the legs to the abdomen, arms and even the back. It’s no coincidence that swimming athletes have the most impressive bodies.

Of course, getting that body is not easy and it will take many kilometers of swimming to notice a visible change. But surely, swimming exercises the muscles of the body much faster than any other sport.

The right exercise for weight loss

Even if you only want to lose weight, swimming is perfect. Since it’s one of the hardest aerobic exercises that doesn’t exhaust you. Sure, the intensity with which you exercise plays a role when it comes to the amount of calories you burn, but compared to other sports, swimming simply burns more.

An important aspect is that swimming can hardly cause any injury. You see, when the exercise is done in water everything gets simpler.

Swimming sets the mood

And to get away from physical health and move to the mental, the positives multiply. Our mood is directly related to endorphins (small groups of proteins produced in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus of the brain).

Endorphins calm us down, give birth to a feeling of bliss and contribute to a good mood. And it is swimming that helps increase endorphins. That’s why the sea can improve our mood and has this ability to eliminate all the “bad” thoughts.

From muscle relaxation to the formation of new cells

Water also offers substantial relaxation to the muscles. Without doing anything special you’ll see results similar to those when doing yoga. You essentially find your peace of mind and your mental balance.

At the same time, swimming has a direct effect on our brain. It basically gives our brain a helping hand and replaces the cells that are lost from stress at a faster rate.

In general, swimming is one of the simplest and easiest types of training. And without realizing it, it helps to set a mental balance. So don’t hesitate to steal some time from your daily routine for a little exercise in the water. You will feel the difference, and you will feel it immediately.


Water aerobics: exercise and fun combined

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