The good fats we must include in our diet

The people who want improve their fitness usually see the word “fat” as a bad one. This is, however, is a big mistake, as there are some good fats that we simply must include in our diet if we want to be healthy.

The belief that all fats are harmful is incorrect. Sure, there are processed foods that contain “bad” fats that can increase your weight and harm your health.

But foods like eggs, which are full of useful elements, are essential for a proper diet, especially for those who exercise a lot.

Lean beef, chicken (especially breast) or turkey are excellent sources of protein. So do include meat in your diet. Just don’t forget to count the calories and prefer to eat it relatively “dry” accompanied by a seasonal salad.

A good tip you can keep in mind is to remove the skin from the chicken and add sauce consisting of a little honey, balsamic vinegar and mustard. After that, you’ll never even think about eating chicken with skin.

What else?

Eggs are considered one of the most complete foods. You can even include them in your breakfast (once a week), as they will give you a lot of energy and you’ll feel full for a relatively long time.

Obviously, you should avoid making them with too much oil. After all, there are many other ways to cook eggs in a healthier manner.

Whole milk is avoided by many because of its fat content. However, its properties seem to help control cholesterol levels according to many medical studies.

In any case, you can include a few glasses of whole milk in your diet without any guilt. Simply calculate how many calories you can allow yourself.

So do not fall into the trap of only eating “light” products. It’s convenient, but you start to lack the nutrients you need. At the same time they usually contain the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is good to avoid.

It’s better to be informed about the quality of the food before it makes its way to your table, even in smaller portions.


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