The remedy for chronic headaches

Scientists proved that acupuncture can suppress pain by releasing natural substances that have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, let’s learn about the remedy for chronic headaches.

There are many hospitals all over the world that offer an acupuncture treatment, since it can help the treatment of many diseases.

Among these diseases is the chronic headache which it can reduce, according to a recent Chinese research.

The research

Constant headaches often create a feeling of pressure or tightness on both sides of the head. These headaches aren’t aggravated by physical activity and don’t create a feeling of nausea.

Meics consider such headaches chronic when they occur at least 15 days a month. Moreover, not infrequently, sufferers resort to alternative medicine methods. And the new study shows that at least acupuncture can have a positive effect, reducing the average number of days per month a headache occurs.

The researchers, led by Dr. Ying Li of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, published a research paper in the journal Neurology of the American Academy of Neurology. They studied 218 people diagnosed with chronic headaches. Who experienced a feeling of tension for an average of 11 years and about 22 days a month.

The scientists divided the participants randomly into two groups. One that used real deep acupuncture. And the other that only used superficial acupuncture.

The two groups received two to three acupuncture sessions a week in a hospital, a total of 20 over two months, and were then watched for six months to see if there was a change in their headaches.


The first group that used true deep acupuncture, 68% or two out of three patients reported an average of at least a 50% reduction in the number of days they experienced headaches, compared to 50% of patients from the second group that used superficial acupuncture.

According to the study, the number of headaches decreased from 20 to seven days per month after true deep acupuncture and from 23 to 12 days per month after superficial acupuncture. Any side effects were mild in both cases.

“Although the study shows that acupuncture can reduce headaches, we need more research to determine the long-term effectiveness of acupuncture and how it compares to other treatment options,” Lee says.

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