Baby teeth are a matter of concern to all parents. It is also a subject where there are great myths. And of course we are not referring to the tooth fairy. In the next couple of minutes you will read important oral hygiene and baby tooth issues. In fact, great care is needed as problems can occur up to adulthood.

Brushing only at night

The first myth we will deal with is brushing teeth. Many people think that only at night is enough. And this is because the infant only feeds on milk or even blender foods. And yet this is not true. Tracks will not cling to the baby teeth, but any residue will help to create a plaque. So brushing is necessary at least twice a day. If your kid gets used to brushing his/her teeth twice, he/she will do it for a lifetime.

Baby teeth do not break down

The second myth we will deal with is that baby teeth don’t break down. On the contrary, what caries need are teeth. It makes no exceptions. When the child is four years old, adult teeth develop beneath the roots of baby teeth. So the infection can get through to them. Scientists have even shown that infants who develop caries are three times more likely to experience the same problems as adults.

The first appointment at the dentist after three years

The last legend to deal with is the first appointment at the dentist. Many argue that three years is the right age. And yet this is a myth. With the first teeth the infant should visit the dentist. On the one hand he will propose preventive measures for oral hygiene and if necessary intervene with solutions. On the other hand, the infant will get used to a visit to the dentist. Once the baby teeth come out every six months, a visit to the dentist is a must.

Oral hygiene is an important part for all of us. Once a person has their first teeth removed, then we need to check them out. It is important that this paraphrase and myths do not affect us as the child will find them along the way.