What you choose to eat or not eat after exercise is very important both for your energy / recovery and for your silhouette. With the right choices, you will feel strong and enjoy the results in your body very soon.

But because of the seriousness of the meal, there is a confusion about what is wiser to choose and what not. Some people don’t consume absolutely nothing, believing that they will lose weight more easily.

So what are the best dietary choices you can make when you come back sweaty from the gym?

Prepare the right meal

This meal should contain two things: protein and carbohydrate – and of course water. Here are some great options:

-Dried fruits and nuts

-Chicken with vegetables or chicken with fruit juice or a vegetable and lean turkey sandwich with wholemeal bread

– Omelet with vegetables

-Chocolate milk

-Cereal with milk

-Eggs with wholemeal bread

– An energy bar

What should you avoid?

We know that at this time you are usually very hungry, but you should be careful not to consume fat, as it slows down digestion in general, while also slowing down the digestion of protein and carbohydrate you consumed after exercise. And this is exactly the opposite of what you need to achieve with this particular meal.

Why is a post-workout meal important?

Having spent the last hour or more pumping energy out of the body’s stores and “inflating” your muscles, it is important then to replenish your lost energy, so that the body can come back and continue your day without feeling exhausted – something you achieve with the right dietary choices.

When is the best time for this meal?

The first half to one hour after the end of your workout is most important. It is during this time that muscle glycogen depletes and the enzymes that convert glucose to glycogen are in such a state that the glucose consumed goes directly to the muscles to replenish the lost glycogen.

The fluid you drink after exercise is also important for hydrating the body and replenishing the fluid lost in sweat, while replenishing the body’s glycogen, fluids and potassium is best to be done within the first 30 minutes after exercise, so that recovery can take place faster.