If you began exercise in order to lose weight, we congratulate you, and hope you stay strict to your schedule. And we also hope you listen carefully to what your trainer tells you about your exercises and the changes you need to make to your diet. These two are indispensible any proper slimming program and there are some basic rules that we all need to follow. Here’s what the trainers say about diet.

We’re not … starving
Depriving yourself of food – especially when you exercise regularly and you spend more energy – is a huge mistake. Your body is slowly becoming weaker and the risk of not being able to withstand the onslaught is increasing dramatically. Your body needs nutrients and you must provide it with them. Don’t lead it to the point of requesting them, because then there will be serious problems.

We eat snacks, but the proper snacks
No, a midday cheesecake is not the right snack. And, for most people, a cereal / protein bar is also not a good snack. The best snacks, objectively, are natural: fruits, vegetables, nuts. For example, a toast with peanut butter and half a banana is a much better snack than an ambiguous source (and with ingredients you can’t pronounce) energy bar.

We always eat breakfast
There is no need for your breakfast to be an… overproduction every day to get all these nutrients. There are so many ways to combine different foods with perfect and delicious results. For example:
-Oat with milk, fruit and nuts
-A smoothie with fruit, yogurt, spinach and linseed
-An omelet with vegetables and a little avocado on the side.

We eat small meals
It’s better to have small and regular meals than three large meals per day. The longer we wait until our next meal, the more hungry we are and the greater the risk of eating too much or completely wrong. Six small meals per day may be a better plan.

We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Yes, we need protein to build strong muscles, but the basis of any well-balanced diet (especially to lose weight and not gain it again) is fruits and vegetables. Experiment until you find your favorites and don’t forget that your dishes need variety!
So you realize how important it is to hear what the trainers tell you about your diet. And don’t forget the proper nutrition before and after exercise.