HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training) is called the program, in which we do short periods of very intense exercise with more relaxed breaks.

It is probably the best way of work out for people who don’t have time, because a full-time session rarely lasts more than thirty minutes. But the benefits to our health are enormous. Which are these?

It burns a lot of calories in a very short time
A study compared calories burned in a HITT program, in a program with weightlifting, in running and in cycling. Those who trained on HITT burned 25-30% more calories. In fact, we exercise less time, burning more calories.

Our metabolism functions better
After the work out, our metabolism is active. Indeed, much of the calories we burn in the gym are lost… after the gym, because our muscles rebuild. HITT training increases the amount of calories we burn after the end of the exercise, activating our metabolism.

It helps to burn fat
A study that was based on older studies and experiments in overweight and obese individuals showed that HITT training can reduce fat and waist circumference. This means that fat is lost from the abdominal area, which is the most dangerous fat for obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Our muscle mass increases
HITT training can help some people increase muscle mass, although the benefits appear to be more specific: those muscles working harder, such as leg muscles, enjoy greater growth.
Of course, other studies have shown that there are no spectacular effects on muscle mass through HITT, so more studies are needed to get more reliable results.

Reduces blood sucrose
In less than 12 weeks, as a massive study of 50 different older studies has shown, we can lower blood sucrose levels.
In addition, HITT training appears to improve the body’s tolerance to insulin, more than other traditional exercise programs. Specifically, for people with diabetes type 2, these results appear to be highly promising.