In a world where consumer mania is pervasive, there are many wasted things we don’t need. Saving money becomes more and more difficult and the desire to acquire material goods leads to adventures.

There is a way that if you cultivate it, you will be able to save money in cases where you were just wasting it.

Buy what you need

The truth is that it is always better to spend on experiences rather than on material goods. Of course, this is not absolute. There are many times when you need material goods and of course you have to acquire them.

Here’s the secret to saving money: Spending on what you need, in what you have long wanted to buy. Not something you saw on the supermarket shelf once and you immediately thought you wanted it.

Spend consciously

Consciously buying goods is even a skill to command your finances. Because you think, what damage can be done if I buy something I don’t really need if it costs € 5 – € 10?

In the short term, there is no harm. But if you do it 2 or 3 times a month, even with smaller amounts, it is a fact that the damage is great. And if you do it in small things, you will do it in bigger and more expensive ones.

But when you start thinking twice or three times before spending and gradually it becomes a habit, you will find that you will save money.

Change the way you think

If you think of starting a hobby, don’t spend on the equipment market. First start with it and give it time until it becomes a habit.

That is to say, it is something that will be part of your daily routine or at least a repetitive act throughout the month.

And then buy equipment. Otherwise, if you buy the equipment first and then try to adopt the habit, your chances of quitting and losing your equipment are increased.

It is one of the most important reasons that the fitness tracker you once bought is now a clothes rack. Because you never loved running. You didn’t run outside and wanted an alternative for the rainy days.
Instead, you bought it to force you to run. But since you didn’t get used to it, you didn’t use it as you should.

You started wrong.

Cultivate habits

With a right and careful thought, you can impose whatever you want on yourself and not manipulate your mind. Make sure you have control over everything you do and reduce your expenses. So even daily expenses may not lead to wastage.


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