After a long day go out to the balcony to relax! But what can you do to create a beautiful green environment on a small balcony?

First of all paint your surroundings, plant flowers preferably heat resistant, such as the impressive blue jasmine. With a dense shiny foliage and rich blooming, plumago as its official name, is highly resistant to sun and heat. It grows in sunny places and the more sun it receives daily, the more its gorgeous blue flowers give us. It is fast growing, reaches two meters in height and is selected by gardeners for planting in flower beds, low fences and pergolas.

Hibiscus is one of the most popular flowers in the garden that withstands much heat and sunlight in the Mediterranean summer. In sunny places, the hibiscus is richer in flowering and in semi-flowered places the flower appearance is limited. The hibiscus impresses with the beautiful large flowers of white, purple, red, orange and pink that pop up in summer and autumn.

Of course, we cannot forget the marigold, a highly resistant plant to both heat and intense summer sunshine. An annual ornamental plant, the marigold stands out for its rich prolonged flowering that begins in the spring and can last until early winter.

What can we do if our space is limited?
But what if your space is limited? Plant flowers in crates instead of pots. Crates are a great way to decorate your balcony. You can use them instead of pots, instead of a table or even instead of chairs. Put shelves for extra storage. The corners of the balconies usually remain unused. Put wooden shelves in there to store things or use them as extra tables when you have people.

You can enjoy light and romantic mood with various decorative pendants. The spots are very stylish and functional and give an airy atmosphere to the balcony, they also do not get any space.

Finally, invite friends! With a relaxed mood, delicious cocktails and beautiful scents from the flowers that surround you, the evenings will be beautiful!