Those who decorate for Christmas early are happier!

Do you count down days to Christmas? Can’t wait it to come? Looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit and already decorating your home? Don’t waste your time on those who criticize you for being too early. The experts justify you, as they claim that those who decorate for Christmas early are happier!

Does it matter if we are a month and a half away from Christmas? Who cares if it’s still warm and there’s no snow?

If you want to decorate the Christmas tree, do so! Do you want to decorate your home in the spirit of the holidays? Decorate it! If you want to put the Christmas lights on your balcony right now, put them on!

Those who decorate for Christmas early are happier!

According to experts, decorating for Christmas long before the actual season makes you happier and calmer.

“In a stressful world, people want to associate themselves with things that make them happy. Christmas, the decorations and the lights evoke strong emotions that remind us of our childhood,” says psychoanalyst Steve McKewon.

“Decorative elements are a path that leads to the old magical feelings we felt when we were children and they evoke excitement. So, decorating for Christmas earlier expands the excitement!”

We become children again!

On the same wavelength is psychotherapist Amy Molin, who adds that this adornment can take you back to a simpler time, even spiritually: “Nostalgia helps people reconcile with their past and understand their identity. For many, decorating early is a way to reconnect with their childhood.”

She adds that it can help those who have lost someone to feel closer to their loved one, adding that, “Early Christmas decorations can help them feel more connected to the person they lost.”


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