We have already entered the final line for Christmas and our mood invites us to begin preparations. If we are to get into the spirit we must first decorate our home. If we don’t want to use our last year’s ornaments then the best solution is to make the festive decoration for ourselves. So handmade Christmas constructions. Pine cones, ribbons, dried flowers. With a lot of patience and a positive attitude to create we can make DIY ornaments for ourselves!

Pine cones

An excursion to the forest will give us joy, oxygen and many pine cones. The pine trees have thrown their pine cones to the ground so we can gather whatever we want.

When we take them home, we must first put them in a preheated oven to kill any pests from the trees. Then, with any paint, plastic or watercolor, we can paint the pine cones and decorate them. A great idea is to take glass jars or glasses we have at home and decorate them with pine cones and ribbons. We can also make wreaths with pine nuts and hang them in different corners of our home.


Cinnamon sticks are a key element for Christmas decoration. They give us a scent all over the house and they are gorgeous. We can tie them up with ribbons, stick small balloons on them and use them as tree ornaments.

Carnations also give a wonderful smell to the home. A great construction is to take an orange and fill it with cloves. The fragrance it will give us will be fantastic.

Baking soda and corn flour

In medium heat we mix these two materials together with water. This is how we create a pliable dough with which we can make ornaments. Let it cool and roll with a rolling pin, then cut into whatever shape we want. We leave our ornaments in a cool place to dry and in two days they are ready.

Easy and affordable financial solutions for the Christmas decoration of our home. All you need is good mood.


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