How to protect your dog from heat

When the thermometer is at 40C, dogs just like other pets start looking for shade, water and care. If you are wondering how to protect your dog from heat, follow these steps.

Doing so will make you realize, that dogs are very much like us, even more so than other pets. They have a body and a soul and they also want to live in a safe environment.

Πώς να προστατέψεις το σκυλάκι σου από τις υψηλές θερμοκρασίες

Shade and plenty of cold, clean water

If for whatever reasons your dog is outside in a yard, balcony or terrace, make sure there is a shady area somewhere. Also a plenty of cold, clean water in such case is extremely necessary. So don’t forget to check if you have to refill the dog’s bowl.

No walks when it’s extremely hot

You may be able to stand the heat under afternoon sun, for example; but your dog may not. That’s why it’s recommended to walk in the morning or in the evening. After all, the dawn offers a different atmosphere to you and your dog for outdoor activities.

Don’t forget to take fresh, cold water with you and have regular breaks. It is also advisable to pay attention to where the dog walks, because some solid and hot surfaces like asphalt won’t be very pleasing for your pet.

Πώς να προστατέψεις το σκυλάκι σου από τις υψηλές θερμοκρασίες

Don’t leave pets in the car

So how do you protect your dog from heat? An important thing you should not forget has to do with your car. In case you take your dog with you for shopping or for any other reason, do not leave it in the car. Instead leave it in the house until you return or take it with you leaving it in shadows.

Meal times on schedule

Like us, pets are reluctant to eat in the heat. The heat often limits and exhausts us causing us to not feel hungry. So it is a good idea to feed your pet when it isn’t so hot, always of course in a place away from sun. The shady area can be an awning, an umbrella, even a tree or the interior of your house.

Let it cool down

You can easily let your dog inside the house for a few hours. The floor, even if it is barely cool, will give it some refreshment. Then you can turn on an air conditioner or fan. Or even better make your pet take a cold bath.

Πώς να προστατέψεις το σκυλάκι σου από τις υψηλές θερμοκρασίες

Don’t forget the strays

Another important step you can take to help even more dogs or kittens cool down is have a few extra bowls of water. As we all know there are too many strays unfortunately, and they also need some refreshment. You will always have a shady place outside your home. So make sure you have a few small bowls of clean water for passing-by four-legged friends.


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