If you love cats you love life

Adopting a pet can be a changing point in your life. A pet can show you how simple and carefree life can be. And it gets especially obvious if you love cats, which have a greater degree of independence.

So if you have a four-legged friend you’ll see the following benefits:

Treatment of muscles, tendons and bones

Science confirms that the sound of pleasure that a cat produces when it receives a caress from its master, is therapeutic. So the so-called “purring” isn’t just a sign that your four-legged friend is happy but also a way to reciprocate. This sound creates vibrations at a frequency of 20 to 140 Hertz. A study shows that an 18 to 35 Hertz scale has a positive effect, among other things, in the treatment of joint mobility after injury.

Reduce stress and anxiety

A warm and fluffy companion on your knees at the end of a demanding day can relieve you. If you love cats, this will have an impact on your heart function according to research that included 120 married participants. Their evaluation began with a series of demanding tasks such as placing their hands on the ice or subtracting the number 3 from a three-digit number continuously. All this taking place, with each participant being isolated in a room either alone, or with his cat, or with his partner. Those, who had a cat as a pet, displayed lower heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time, they saw every process as a challenge rather than a threat.

Improving interpersonal relationships

A healthy relationship with a cat can be a springboard for expanding your social circle. Not necessarily because someone approaches you to express their admiration for your four-legged friend. But because according to research cat owners are more sensitive and more open to meeting new people. You can realize this fact with a simpler comparison. That is, the fact that a pet is a part of your social whole. Rose Perrine of Eastern Kentucky University points out that, “Positive emotions towards pets give rise to positive emotions towards humans and vice versa.”


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