We may know several features of Facebook, but we don’t use them all often. And that might make us forget that they can really help us. Below you can find a reminder for 4 dynamic Facebook features that I consider important.

1. Friend List customisation
The first of Facebook’s features is about personal profiles. And it’s something that requires time, especially if you have a long list of friends. But it is a very powerful way of segmentation.

You divide by interests or whatever and every time you post something you choose which groups will see it.

You will need this segmentation more if you are using your accounts for business purposes.

You can also select the corresponding list to view updates only from the people or pages you have there.

2. Free audio for video / advertisements
Did you know that you can download and use sounds and effects in your advertisements?

Facebook has free audio, which you can access from your page: > Publishing Tools> Tools> Sound Collection.

One copyright to note is that they should only be used within Facebook.

3. Restrict the audience that views your posts
Another way of segmentation, especially in cases where there is a bilingual audience: before posting something, select the audience that will see it. You can also choose the audience you don’t want to see.

Maybe not all posts are for everyone or you want to approach via organic reach an audience that will definitely find it interesting.

4. Facebook Notes
Another feature of Facebook is Notes. Notes are not unknown, but they aren’t often used.

If there is a little more extensive text you want to post, along with graphics, you should put it in this format instead of a status update.

It is not lost on the timeline, it is not difficult for the public in terms of time and it is indexed by search engines.

Which of the above do you use and what else would you add to the list?