The following text is not the standard guide to properly using Social Media. You can find them everywhere anyway. It is more like a code of good behavior that each of us must put in our daily life.

Because we deserve it!

Let’s look at some of our rules for proper use of Social Media:

Whatever I write, I always write it with respect

You never know who can read what you write and in what situation he/she can be. You don’t need to offend anyone. Whatever you want to say, you can say it with respect. If you can’t hold on, then maybe it would be better not to write anything.

Don’t let anyone irritate you, either online or offline.

No insults, no exaggeration, no aggressive behavior

All of the above exist in our world. Why should you burden the situation?

Wouldn’t it be all the more beautiful if there was respect, understanding and courtesy in every discussion? Even if you are part of a conversation with aggressive outbursts or you talk to people who simply don’t accept the different viewpoint, you can inspire respect.

Do it because you deserve it. Even if the other person doesn’t understand it.

I don’t write or share what I see without being sure of the source

This is how news that is non-existent begins and spreads, resulting in intense misinformation.

Recent examples, issues with vaccination or 5G. Although there is no official place for their dangers (such as smoking, alcohol, stress, malnutrition etc.), yet many people believe they came into our life to shorten human lives.

Even if they are as dangerous as many fear, however, the sources they rely on don’t justify these concerns. Take care to look at the official sources and information, otherwise you might look like a person who believes what he/she reads, without critical thinking.

I post anything that can give value to anyone who reads it

Wouldn’t it be great to help the world around you? Instead of sharing negative news, what about sharing something beautiful?
And instead of writing something to accuse a third party, which might be a shop, write to cheer for something good. Leave positive reviews where possible to fill the people around you with beautiful conversations.

Make the start!

As in our daily life, we need more positivity in Social Media too. Make proper use of Social Media to make your online life and your friends more beautiful.