Influencer in the world of Social Media are the people who have an influence. They are recognized individuals who have proven to be able to influence the opinion of their followers. There is, however, a trap with the influencers that you can understand only if you look behind what you see.

How to become an influencer

First of all, no one can declare an influencer. This is a “title” that is purely attributed by the others. Influencers themselves don’t call themselves like that since their influence derives from their work.

For example, if there is an influencer in the field of sport, what distinguishes him is his/her sporting ideals. Not a caption on Instagram. And this is how the influencer is created. If he/she affects the way the others think and act for a more positive world, then he/she gains the title.

The trap with the followers

Here the meaning is lost. If someone tempts you to buy products from a particular brand, he/she isn’t influencer. He/she is a promoter.

The influencer relies on his/her being and not on his/her looking.

This is precisely what confuses many people. He/she incorrectly thinks that a person with thousands of followers is necessarily influencer. But numbers don’t play any role. Yes, often an influencer has many followers, but that isn’t what it counts.
It counts how much he/she affects the others to do something that will improve the world around them. Not just to change him. To improve it.

Numbers don’t always tell the truth

Thousands of followers say nothing about an account. If an actor or singer has many followers, it does not mean that he/she is an influencer. This number is normal since he/she is famous.

Don’t forget another trap with the influencers. Those who aspire to be influencers don’t even hesitate to buy followers. There are websites with such content. However, Social Networks constantly evolve algorithms and easily detect and punish such actions.

Don’t be carried away by titles

If you look for influencers, don’t look for the titles they use on Instagram or Youtube. You know which person has a positive influence on you and is worth listening to and following.

That person is an influencer for you. Not because he/she told you that he/she is. But because you gave him/her that title.

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