Visit A City is one of the thousands of apps that properly organize travel lovers.

Travel is a favorite theme of all the people and is not limited to summer getaways. So, for those looking for various cities to visit, they can take a look at this app.

What is Visit A City

This is a mobile app that organizes your trips. It has several cities within (over 1000) and depending on the days you travel, it has a sightseeing program recommended for each city.

You will find a wealth of information on everything you want to:

Things you can do

Suggested schedule depending on the days you will be there

List of attractions


One day excursions

All of the above are accompanied by all the information a traveler would want: opening hours, ticket prices, addresses, reviews, offers, subway tickets etc.

You make your own program

In Visit A City you can create your own plan. After you sign up, you can record what you would like to do when you visit the city you want. So you get a very good program, based on reviews from other travelers and experts.
You can also book through this various tickets, which are sent electronically to your email. So you won’t have to wait in the queue, for example, of a museum to get tickets.

It includes map

You can also see the various places it suggests on his map. This way you can see distances from one place to another, to get better organized. And if you want to get you somewhere, it cooperates with your default map application and takes you where you need it.

Finally, the app is free and you can use it offline.

Try it!

If you travel soon, take a look at Visit A City. You can find it on Android, iOS and its website.