It is a fact that the life of every human being has ups and downs. Stress, anxiety, worries and many other emotions often tire the mind more than the body. Below are three of the most important quotes in history. They are about laugh, humanity and love.

Giannis Ritsos
“Laugh, my heart, laugh, find time to laugh. This is the music of the soul”, once famous Greek poet Giannis Ritsos wrote. A quote that contains many important words that make your life happy. Indeed laugh expresses joy, happiness, often surprise and even relaxation. How difficult is it to have in your daily life activities that make you laugh? How difficult is it to give a funny pack to a loved one or watch a movie with your family that can make you laugh? Not at all difficult, because you can do it! You can do everything, if you want.

Tasos Levaditis
The romantic poet Tasos Levaditis would know something more when he wrote that “the world exists only when you share it”. And he was absolutely right. When you read this quote, the soul calms down. It’s no coincidence that when you talk to someone, when you hold someone else’s hand, or when you hear or feel them next to you, you feel like sharing the same moment, the same place, the same scene. It’s never too late to start your day with this quote, making your mood and of course the mood f those around you. Talk, listen, share… because this is how people come closer. Only then is it like you really exist.

Nikos Kazantzakis
“Love means I am lost”. A phrase taken by the unforgettable Nikos Kazantzakis. A quote that pushes you to love life, live moments and feel the love. To love in order to get lost in the most beautiful trails. To love in order to dream, build palaces in the sky in beautiful colors and then shout loudly how beautiful life is.

So laugh, share and love. Because they deserve it … and you deserve it!