10 rules that happy couples must follow

Happiness in a relationship doesn’t come by chance. In addition to mutual respect, the couple should include various important practices, simple for some and complex for others.

According to the experts, to develop their relationship and remain happy a couple must make some solid steps towards happiness every day. In fact, they have noted ten specific rules:

  1. Don’t involve third parties in your relationship. Happy couples don’t complain to their friends or family about the problems they face in their relationship. But talk directly to their partner in order to find a solution together.
  2. Don’t compare yourselves to others. In a happy relationship, one accepts the other as they are and no one compares their relationship to that of others or feels insecure.
  3. Do not play the victim. Happy couples take responsibility for being in a relationship and don’t blame others for their own problems.
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. A relationship can be happy when the couple knows how to be happy and have fun. Even when they’re going through periods of stress or problems, they know how to relax and have fun.

10 rules that happy couples follow

  1. No unnecessary judgment. When one sees the positive in the other, when one knows how to ask for what one wants and how to communicate constructively without being judgmental, one can be happy in a relationship.
  2. Control household finances. Happy couples know that a financial problem can create disagreements or stress in a relationship. So they make sure to communicate and work together on a joint financial plan.
  3. Have a proper communication. When you know what your partner feels, needs and thinks, it’s hard to get into arguments.
  4. Respect each other. Happy couples know when it’s a right moment to talk and when to give each other space and time. Even when there is a serious matter to be discussed they always ask, “is now a good time to talk?” and they don’t require the other’s attention.
  5. Don’t get obsessed with you role. Even in a relationship where the couple has stereotypical roles (the wife cooks, the man fixes the house), happy people aren’t obsessed with their responsibilities but are flexible and don’t cause trouble when they have to help their partner.
  6. Don’t nag and oppress. Happy couples don’t make nagging a habit nor are they oppressive to each other. And their relationship is based on mutual trust.


Don’t interrupt the others when they speak

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