Offering a gift to a loved one is a sign of respect and affection. Always, on special days of a person, such as birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and generally moments of joy, a gift strengthens the bond of family or friendship.
If any of your loved ones have his/her birthday these days get inspired by the gift ideas and surprises below. Give him/her a unique gift, smart, easy and above all full of love!

Camping or hotel accommodation
Search for beautiful places to camp or stay at a hotel overlooking the mountains or the sea. Take the time to find the right place for you and the celebrant to relax and enjoy the day. Choose, if your budget allows, a hotel with spa facilities, in order to relax and feel special. If you are in the mountains, wake up in the morning, hike or cycle, talk about your dreams and things that the routine of work often doesn’t allow.

Care package
If the person that has birthday is a woman, believe me, an envelope that will have a “care package” inside it is most appropriate! A package like this can contain massage, spa, facial, hair, nail care. If the person is a man, the care package can be a face-beard or even a body massage or a foot massage.

Lunch or dinner
Choose your favorite restaurant that you always used to go to when you were in the same neighborhood or apartment next door while studying. Choose it because you like this particular cuisine, for example, sushi, Mexican, Indian. Look back on the past, tell your jokes and become enemies of the time!

“Memory Box”
A “box of memories”, full of photographs from early childhood to the present, will make the celebrant laugh and at the same time tear from emotion. Photographs, as experts say, often work as a therapeutic means to make one feel better. Remember and smile. I suggest you create an album, with horizontal glues. Put a contemporary photo of yourself on the front page and then combine baby photos, teenage and present, with small texts, bows, emoticons, glitters and colors. Later put it in a box with items you shared.