All kinds of human relationships are based on two magic words: trust and respect. Trust is the element that allows you go beyond intimacy and respect helps to recognize your worth as a human being. So, when you see someone completely unknown to you, but regardless of its gender, you want to know him/her better, you must face the defenses he will spontaneously project.

Three paths that will help you enhance your personality, gaining at the same tie respect and trust are:

If you have made a mistake, apologize
When you were young and your parents were arguing with you about the clutter or something you had done, then your shield was the denial and the cry. Growing up, the spins and the effort to cover up your errors prove that you have grown in age, in the body, but not in the mind. If you have committed a foul, then accept the yellow card, apologize and don’t repeat it, because you will be expelled from the game called life. If your apology is not accepted and respected, then you may need to rethink and redefine the relationship you have with the person who continues to judge you.

Keep your promise
How many times have you seen an old acquaintance on the street and have you told him/her «Let’s have a coffee soon», but never raised the phone to call? Perhaps this incident is innocent, however in more serious situations and when you refer to people you really care about, avoid the vain promises. If you can’t stand up to the circumstances, then it’s better not to set expectations. But when you take the initiative, make sure you have the strength and patience to justify those who believe in you.

Say «please», but also say «thank you»
Being polite, even if this is opposed to your character and spontaneity, doesn’t give a misleading image, but an image of how you can regulate escalation in building a human relationship. Say the simple keywords «please» and «thank you» to feel good first and then to radiate respect.