Trust means that you have invested faith in your relationship with your partner and that you expect sincerity, integrity and respect to be the center of your relationship. You also expect your partner to keep his/her promises and gain your trust, and stay with you even when things get tough.

Your trust is something your partner must win. When you first get to know your partner, you probably share information that will help you determine whether or not it is worth your trust and heart.

What you can do to boost confidence

Don’t say to others what your partner tells you in confidence. If you tell your friends what he/she has shared with you, your trust is destroyed.

Don’t rely on emails, phone calls and messages to communicate with your partner. Take the time to communicate face to face. Communication will help you build a greater sense of security as you gradually open up and ‘expose’ yourself to each other.

Think about your partner’s interests. The more you do for him/her0, the more he/she will know that he/she is important to you and that you really care about his/her desires. If your partner feels that he/she can rely on you, it will be much easier for him/her to share with you the most vulnerable aspects of himself/herself.

Keep the small promises you make. For example, if you say you will call or be there in a certain time, do it! Small acts help build strong foundations of trust.

Learn to apologize if you make a mistake or disappoint your partner. An authentic apology should also be sincere from your heart. In order to be authentic, take responsibility for your actions and reassure your partner that you understand how your actions have affected him.