What you need for a happy relationship!

So you’re happy in your relationship and you wonder how to keep this flame alive forever? You have found your other half and you want to know how to “achieve” true happiness as a couple?

There are some little secrets that will help you achieve what you are looking for. So here’s what you need for a happy relationship:

Little surprises

Love can be found in simple and everyday things. You don’t need to do anything very important. You can brew your partner a cup coffee, send him or her a tender message or prepare a little surprise for them.

When both partners make such small surprises, then, according to experts, the levels of tenderness and intimacy in the relationship increase.

Common interests

Opposites may attract, but a couple will hardly be happy if there are many differences between the partners. People in a relationship with common interests and similarities in their personalities have at least 70% higher chance of being happy.

There is trust

No relationship, friendly, romantic or professional, can survive without trust. Happy couples base their relationship on mutual trust, respect and admiration. Even when they disagree, they respect their partner’s views and don’t question them. They support each other, even when they disagree with their other half’s choices.

Touches, kisses and hugs

Physical contact in a romantic relationship is very important. And we aren’t talking about sex life only. Physical contact can be something simple, but sometimes more essential! A hug when your loved one upset, a stealthy touch when you’re somewhere around people and you don’t want to be nuisance, a kiss on the mouth or better on the shoulder or neck, a walk hand in hand.

Quarrels are also “necessary”

A loving couple doesn’t deal negatively with quarrels and crises in their relationship. Instead, they use their diversity and creativity to improve it. They don’t hesitate to apologize, to erase a tension or a difficult period and to proceed together harmoniously in the development of their relationship.

The only perfect pair that can exist… is a pair of shoes

Happy couples believe in fairy tales, romance novels and romance movies. They are, however, grounded in reality, but they don’t stop dreaming. They know that the “brotherly soul” or the “other half” exists only in the imagination of their mind and they accept their partner with both his strengths and his weaknesses however they may be.


Nothing is given in a relationship. It’s very important to exchange positive comments, saying “well done” and “thank you” when needed. If you want to be close to your partner and them to have your back, you must do the same! Show your loved one that you approve his or her choices. It’s welcome to express the positives and not to emphasize only the negatives.


A big problem of modern society is the lack of time. This, of course, has an impact on relationships that often don’t find time to do things together, but mostly don’t find time to talk!

It’s very important to find quality time to share your problems and concerns.

There is no competition

Happy couples separate their roles, have created balance in their relationship and don’t fight over who is right or who is wrong. There is no competition between them and they want the best for each other. Unlike unhappy couples, they aren’t looking for their partner’s confirmation, because they are sure they have it!

The relationship is based on independence

They have created the right balance and distance between their emotional needs and their needs for autonomy. Their relationship is based on their independence and not on their insecurity.

The fact that they want to spend time together is as important as their desire to spend time alone.


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