The choice is ours. We judge, we give, we take and we win. As time passes, a friend may become an enemy or a perpetual one. Enemy can easily be made. But really, how do we make everlasting friends? How important is it to have everlasting friends?

How can we make forever friends?

The most important word in friendship, as in love, is “we”. If we get lost in the crowd, this friend will be there to look for us until he/she finds us. He/she will set us apart from a mark on our body, he/she will shout at us with the thousand names he calls us and he/she will find us. So how do we make eternal friends? We keep them in our heart box. The things are simple.

We hold them tight

Obstacles or ease, victory or defeat the eternal friend will be with us. He.she will give us courage, he/she will tell us jokes, he/she will force us to go out after some disappointment. He/she remembers everything. Dates important to us, the moments we lived together with, above all, he/she is with us even remotely.

We trust them

A childhood friend can truly become a stickler and a perpetual one. The trust between us and the need to talk together after a difficult day is what unites us. The thirst to learn his news after his vacation is an important sign. Also, the passion for the day we go on an excursion is yet another sign that this friend will stay with us forever. “I’m leaving, I’ll come in a little bit,” “I’ll bring you right away,” “on tis day next year, we’ll celebrate together again this day.” These are phrases that contain elements of trust. He/she shares his/her time with us and promises to keep it. And yet the everlasting friend doesn’t forget what he/she promises and does it. This is also a kind of trust. An important word for an everlasting friendship.

Pay attention to phrases and words

“You can’t do this,” “leave the holidays for next year, if we live.” “Go away now, I want to sleep”. Small phrases that contain a trace of “poison” in a friendly relationship. This proves that this relationship will not last long. A perpetual friend will never tell us such words. The everlasting friend is always optimistic with us and is always careful with his/her suggestions.

How do we make eternal friends, then? If our friend has what a true friend must have, then we hold him/her tight. Because this friend is never bored with our hugs and, above all, our conversation and our madness…