If you want your relationship to last long, the key is in emotional bonding. Here are some valuable tips that can help you keep your relationship alive!

Listen carefully

When your partner shares his/her thoughts on something that concerns him/her, listen. That is, pay close attention and try to understand what he/she means and how he/she relates personally to the subject. Show understanding and compassion.

Share beautiful moments with him

Enjoy activities with him. You can hike together, watch a movie you both want. It’s easy, fun and can really help your relationship. To ‘nurture’ your relationship even more you can spend time engaging in your partner’s activities, even if they are not your own preferences. You don’t need to pretend too much excitement. It’s enough to share something with him/her that is important to him/her.

Try to understand him/her

Don’t hurry to get out of the dialogue angry. Instead, listen to his side. All relationships are frayed and we almost always believe that we are right. However, instead of trying to persuade him that you say the right thing, try understanding your partner’s perspective. Even if you disagree, he/she will appreciate that you respect his/her position.

Show your love

You may feel that he/she loves you more when he/she tells you or when he/she offers to help you. However, he may not feel that way. Perhaps he/she understands that you love him/her more when you hear him/her intently talking about something that is passionate about him/her or when you encourage him/her to take a big step or something that is very important to him/her. Listen to his/her needs!

Make him/her little surprises

Does he/she love ice cream? Before going home go to a pastry shop and buy it. Make him/her a surprise when you get home and you will see a smile of happiness. Why make your daily life boring?

Many kisses!

Kiss him/her as soon as you get home and always say goodbye to him/her with a hot kiss too. It’s the sweetest thing between a couple and it’s what makes you a couple. Don’t neglect physical contact. It shows that you care about each other.

Make his family, your family

Men love to see their girl or woman treat their family as if they were her own. Get them on the phone or visit them whenever you can. Get out with them without necessarily his presence.

Tell him/her I love you!

Three words that never get old. Don’t overdo it, but have these words in your vocabulary.