The eternal debate between friends is whether there can really be friendship between a man and a woman. I consider the conversation cliché and in fact it is time to get over the whole matter. Are you a man? You can have female friends and even very good ones. You are a woman? Of course you can have male friends and even very good ones. Of course, there are some prerequisites for a genuine friendship between a man and a woman.

There is no space for love in a true friendship

Do you like her? You can’t baptize her true friend. You have a candidate partner ahead and you have no way to go on. Do you love him and do you think you could live a life with him? You cannot also “baptize” him a friend. Love creates many problems in a friendship and does not allow it to evolve as true, because you will simply envy anyone near him/her. You will feel threatened by people who actually didn’t harm you.

Ready for the other perspective

For a true friendship between a man and a woman, you have to be ready for another perspective. Otherwise a man thinks otherwise a woman. It’s good to hear one person from the other sex. It will give you a visual you haven’t seen and definitely some good advice. We don’t say that he/she is right or that you should follow his/her advice. But you have to be ready to hear something else.

Love as a brother

And in fact the most important element is love him as a brother/her as a sister. If you love the other person as your own blood, actually he/she is a real friend. If you care for him/her, accept him/her as he/she is, support him/her and counsel him/her, then it is a true friendship. And it’s not all that simple. There will be disagreements and tensions, but this is what happens in true friendships.