Listen carefully to the other person when he/she is talking. One of the most difficult things in life is to find someone who feels as we feel, to whom we can talk and he/she will listen. And that won’t do it due to obligation, but because he/she really wants it.

Listen carefully to the other when talking to you

Listening to the other is the best way to offer to your fellow. You’ve probably heard a friend many times when he/she was talking to you about something. But how many times have you heard him/her in order to feel and understand him/her and not simply because he/she trusted you?

Sometimes, when a person needs to talk to you, he/she doesn’t do it because he/she is looking for answers. He/she does it in order to get it out of him/her.

What are the positive aspects when you listen carefully to the other

The other experiences directly the positive aspects. And he is who needs it most at the moment. In the long run, however, you will see that you also reap many benefits from this virtue.

You gain more respect when you pay attention to the other. And you immediately become more likeable. Just think of this: Tell a friend about an event you organize and the next time he/she meets you randomly, he/she asks you about the event. What a beautiful impression you will have!

You also cultivate empathy. This great caracteristic of leaders that if we all had, the world would be a much nicer place.

A virtue that is cultivated

The attention you give to the other is not an innate talent. You can cultivate it. Set it as a day’s goal: Whatever someone comes to tell you, listen to him/her. Don’t even think about what you will answer unless he/she asks you. Not even think about anything else. Be there, hear whatever he/she says. And always look him/her in the eyes.

Remember the conversations that are important to the other

If you want to go a step further, make sure you remember the “important” ones. Remember something you know is important to your interlocutor.

If he/she tells you, for example, for a school fiesta of his/her child in the afternoon, ask him/her the next day how it was. Or, if he/she tells you about an exam or job interview, ask him/her afterwards how it was, show generally interest.
Not because you have to, but because you want it.

Do it!

Improving yourself, beyond an obligation, is the best investment you can make. To make the difference, look at how to improve the world around you.

By listening carefully to the other, you take a step in the right direction, and perhaps the most important.