When love is alive, everything can be overcome. It gives a happy note to our day-to-day, a feeling that we can manage everything. It awakens our creativity and makes us more intelligent. Love inspires us. It is scientifically proven that people are happy when they love and are loved, they become more confident about themselves and strive more for what they care about.

How many artists were inspired by love? How many of them reached the peak of their careers when they loved and were loved? Just remember the story of Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian painter with strong personality, unsurpassed talent and a particular preference for portraits of women with… empty eyes.

Not coincidentally, since the first human organ with which we recognize and perceive love is the eyes! He argued that only when he really knew a woman and really loved her, he could paint her completely. He actually said to his mate and muse, Jeanne Hebuterne: «When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes», and it happened like this. Love made him reach the peak of his career, love completed his work, putting the last piece of the puzzle on his paintings: the eyes of the woman he truly loved and were loved!

When love prevails, there is no room for doubt! You will see that all the negative things, such as intense jealousy, doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence, suspicion retreat. You’re sure of the person next to you no matter what! There will be no restrictions, you will not be in the process of tracking your partner’s messages, who he/she is talking to, who he/she is coming out to or what time he/she is returning home.

Trust will be built along with love gradually and will allow you to truly love your man, give you wonderful moments with him, full of happiness.

We can transform the people we love and in turn they can transform us. We often observe how much courtesy and kindness comes from the love we experience daily. The fullness we feel helps us move forward and get where we want, helps us evolve. It leads us to happiness and serenity, making people we love happy and complete.