According to a new study, being aware of the importance of female orgasm is likely to improve the satisfaction women receive from sex. More knowledge, more enjoyment.

The term “orgasm gap” explains the large difference between the rates of orgasm between the sexes. Characteristically, 95% of men have an orgasm almost every time they have sex. On the other hand, only 65% of women end up having sex.

There is insufficient knowledge of female enjoyment

These percentages can be explained by the fact that there is insufficient knowledge on issues related to female enjoyment. Such as how clitoris functions and why it’s vital for female orgasms.

Orgasm: Mandatory for men, optional for women!

It may also be related to the fact that in most heterosexual sex penetration is considered to be the primary sexual act and pleasure and orgasm in men are compulsory parts of sex. But women’s pleasure and orgasm are considered optional!

Knowledge brought more pleasure

The researchers also looked at whether being aware of the large difference in rates of orgasms in men and women could improve women’s sexual experiences.

For this reason women were examined before and after a series of Psychology courses on Human Sexuality. As a matter of fact, the courses had a gender gap in the enjoyment of sex.

More knowledge, more enjoyment

Of the 271 women interviewed overall, those who attended sexuality courses noted a significant improvement in their sexual function.

Not only did they have more and better orgasms, but they now felt they had a right to sexual pleasure during sex. In addition, they communicated more with their partner during sex.

With more confidence

They were now able to pursue their own sexual pleasure, more confident in the image of their genitals. They stopped focusing on how their image or performance was during sex.