How good are you at remembering the name of someone you just met?

Healthy interpersonal relationships take time to build. But many other features are also needed. Trust, respect, communication, sincerity, love are just some of the ingredients needed.

Of course, it’s not easy to have all of the above in every relationship. But some of these elements can be cultivated within us and spontaneously come out in our new acquaintance.

An important component of good interpersonal relationships is to remember the name of someone you just met.

Why it’s important to remember the other’s name

Have you ever met someone you don’t know well and he/she was remembering you by name? If it ever happened to you, you would know that not only is it very beautiful, but it makes you feel great.

When someone shouts at you by your name, it shows how he/she counts on you. And even better, it shows that he/she cares about what you say.

It is an example of great respect and creates beautiful emotions for anyone.

Characteristic of leaders

Although most people “admit” that they are not “good” at names or that they don’t remember names, it has nothing to do with memory. It’s about the attention we pay.

And that is cultivated.

The most important leaders know each employee by name in every post. They learn it in a short time.

And they learned to do so because they cultivated the ability to hear and retain information given to them by others.

How to remember the other’s name

Once someone says his/her name, you can give your mind a few seconds until it absorbs the information.

Basically, you repeat the information in the back of your mind for a few seconds. This allows your brain to record it in the subconscious.

You apply the same technique when you want to keep something important and you don’t have a notebook with you.

Show your respect to the other!

The next time you meet someone, try to apply the above technique. As you speak, mention his/her name 2-3 times. As you leave, you can also greet him/her by name.

You made the first impression and made someone (even subconsciously) feel beautiful!