There is one family… or many. There are many friends. There is one love. The need for a hug or a kiss on the forehead is often so noticeable. After all, some acts like these, accompanied by respect and appreciation, are always stored in our heart’s box. So they deserve to be respected. And as it is winter and the cold comes into our body violently, respect even more the one who hugs you as soon as you say “I chill”!

He/she is there in your storms

This person does everything to find you. He/she is this hero who wipes your tears. He/she makes possible the impossible to be there with you. He/she leaves his job and his/her own pleasures because you need him. Are you cold? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you suffer? He/she will be always there.

There is no need to always be your mate

He/she may well be the grandfather, the grandmother, the dad, the mom, the kids and the brothers. Maybe a third shoulder, such as your loyal friend or your pet. All of us, by nature, need such creatures. So we will never feel alone. Let’s not forget that when the people are united, they can accomplish a lot. They can get rid of the cold, the bad thoughts and bring back their beautiful thoughts.

It doesn’t take many words

Respect the one who hugs you as soon as you say “I chill”. You don’t need many words to thank him/her. A smile, a kiss on the forehead, a touch on the shoulder, I’m sure that all these will make him/her the happiest human in the world. He/she will feel that he/she has done what he/she needed to do, in order to be well at that moment.

He/she will do it because he/she wants to. Don’t force it

We all know that imposing something on someone is not the most right or rather pleasant action. Do not impose or deprive the right of a beautiful moment. We should not just think about ourselves. This person may need his/her time, his/her space, many times.