At first everything is… sweet like honey with milk. But what comes next though? What is the secret to being happy together even after many years of marriage? It’s actually easier than you might think. Just a few daily habits is enough to maintain a healthy relationship and not miss anything in life. See what they are and remember if you have them in your life…

7+1 traits of a happy couple

They spend time together

Happy couples are friends first and partners second. It’s not enough to just have sex, you must find time to spend together, go for a walk or do other things in company of each other.

They are not afraid to spend time apart

They spend time together but also give each other some space to be alone at times. Happy couples are not afraid to be apart. They were social beings before they met. They had friends and still do!

They’re honest

Honesty saves couples. Whatever you have to say, you must say it without hesitation. Tell your partner the truth and be ready to hear the truth in return. This is the only way the relationship can be built on a solid foundation.

They’re courteous

Some couples tend to believe that it is no longer important to be kind to their partner once the date is over even though the opposite is the case!

They give the other half their full attention

Never act like you have no respect towards your partner. It is not okay to look at your cellphone or mumble “yes, sure” during a conversation that is important to the other without even paying attention to it. To have a solid relationship you have to be a constant part of it.

Touches are important

Hug your partner, hold their hand and caress them. Physical contact is a way to constantly bond your relationship.

They often express their gratitude for each other

You have to tell your partner how grateful you are that they joined your life no matter how many years have passed since your eyes first met.

They support their partner’s dreams

A lover who is not interested in your dreams and goals doesn’t just ignore you, but also hurts you. Happy couples share their plans and hopes, ask their partner and listen to each other, and in difficult times help to stay optimistic.

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