The 4 elements that make a friendship true

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light,” Hellen Keller once said, and she was absolutely right. Here’re the 4 elements that make a friendship true.

Friendship is one of the most important things in life. True friends are better than family as you have chosen each other without being related by blood.

And yet, in order for there to be real friendship, some specific “conditions” must be met. Friendship has to be reciprocal otherwise it isn’t real. If you only feel like you’re friends with someone, that plain and simple it’s not a true friendship.

Show understanding

What sets friends apart from acquaintances is understanding. No man is the same as another, but you must understand your true friend even if you disagree with his actions.

If you think something he is doing is wrong then tell him that or give him a piece of advice. But never try to impose things. Because very simply if you do this then it will only have negative results.

Consider the opposite happens and someone tries to impose things on you – you won’t accept it. So give advice but don’t impose.

Understanding above all

For better or worse, a true friend is there for you, just as you are there for him. Whatever the problem may be, you will solve it together and celebrate the joys together.

However, we all make mistakes and we must be ready to admit them, to forgive and to be forgiven. True friendship will overcome all mistakes and disagreements.

Support each others’ decisions

Another important element for a true friendship is support. Even if you disagree with each other, support your decisions. If you’re a true friend you should do this even if you don’t think your friend has made the right decision.

He will find out soon enough if it was right or wrong. And you will go through everything together. And you know, maybe in the end your view of things was wrong.

The acceptance

Every man has to accept himself. And that’s exactly what a real friend can help you with.

The moment he accepts you for what you are, it’s a sign that you must accept yourself.

A true friend will help you in everything and you will feel better about yourself.

In fact, a true friendship is really hard to find. This is a relationship where you aren’t looking for a personal benefit. And for every person there is a real friend who will be there in both happiness and sadness.

A friend, who will give you the opportunity to be yourself, will support you in everything and will be there forever.


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