Sex Education is a Netflix series about teen sex.

The original series of the popular Network breaks a lot of taboos, transcends any genres and focuses on a matter that is interesting for everyone0. But nobody talks about it openly.

The Sex Education Case
The protagonist of the series, Otis, has no experience in sex and relationships. However, he discovers that he can guide his teenagers properly on this issue.

This inclination probably derives from his mother, Jean, who is a sex psychologist and therapist. Together with his classmate Meiv, they organize a secret «clinic» of sex at school.

The plot of the series
A lot of «strange» relationships, reasonable queries and discussions are the menu of the series.
Inappropriate scenes are not cut from the whole plot as they fit with the whole development.

You should definitely be ready to accept what you see, but the whole series is not just about sex.

More Education than Sex
Even though it has many nude scenes, which in some cases touches the limits of permissible, but that’s not the (only) reason you want to watch it.

You will watch it for the tips given, its cheerful / teenage (and a bit exaggerated) nature, and the problems that a teenager can easily identify with.

All sorts of topics are covered, with different preferences and always without taboos.

It’s without doubt an original series that certainly has an impact on the people. Its success is a witness for this and for this reason the series continues for the second season.