Friendship… one of the most important things in our life. Some people characterize friends as family and they are not wrong. A real friend is a family. Much can be written about true friendships. But there are also several myths that accompany them. In the next couple of minutes you will read two of the most popular myths about true friendships.

Negative emotions never exist

We may say that true friendships are unique (and they are), but we usually forget one key factor. Even these are made up of people. And people are overwhelmed by emotions. Envy and insecurity are normal. If we say that a true friend is more than a family (and they are), then there are times when negative emotions will appear.
It is important that emotions are expressed directly and honestly, without anger of course and outbursts.

A true friend never hurts

And who defines this? Anyone can hurt you. Just as you are hurt by your family sometimes, the same can happen with the true friendships. A choice, a conversation, an act, something will hurt you. The way you face it determines whether the friendship is true or not. And you should know that friends aren’t there just to tell you that everything is good. On the contrary, if they feel something, they will tell you straight, as will you. But that doesn’t mean that the choice you make will be in line with what your friend thinks is right.

We should clarify this: It’s one thing to hurt with one choice (I didn’t hear it and made the wrong decision) and it’s another thing the critical judgment. If a friendship has only this to offer (critical judgment) then it’s not true.

These were just two of the myths about true friendships. Not everything is perfect and romantic. We talk about human relations. But there is a line that distinguishes true friendships from other human relationships.