Smiling is not just a beautiful curve, it is a shield. It is also contagious. Something that many researchers report that smiling reduces stress in our life. Be the reason for someone to smile. And be sure that it will make you and him/her even more beautiful!

Stand out the beautiful things

Set a goal every morning to get a pen and paper, noting what makes you smile. Is it Kostas, Maria, grandfather Panagiotis or grandmother Eleni? It could be Doki, your dog, or your cat, Nini. There may be monents when you crumble and throw them away, because you are not able to finish since the time is pressing you.

These moments are parts of your life and it’s a pity not to become completely one with you. So dedicate at least an hour per day, replacing their pieces. It can be a ride with your best friend or with your family. A moment with a smile may be when you listen to music and relax.


Do you need more likes or self esteem?


Don’t forget the most important. Be the reason for someone to smile. Because you have to share this line sweetly.

Βe the reason for someone to smile

You see hundreds of people every day. Some, bent and thoughtful. In the car, on the road, in cafe. Some are leaving and running, rocking you out in their haste. How much would the scene change if the smile became the protagonist? Even if you didn’t know them, even if they were in a hurry.

Come out to the balcony and smile at the passerby or grandmother sitting on the opposite terrace. They wait for it, believe me. Be the reason for someone to smile. Combine a “thank you” with a smile and I’m sure they’ll smile you back.

It’s no exaggeration to smile, it’s not a challenge for anyone. It’s just a beautiful figure in your face that makes people and animals around the world share this wonderful moment. Of smile. So be the reason for someone to smile.

After all, it doesn’t cost anything. Not even a second.



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