To do what you love is not only about the profession you choose, but also, and even more, about the way you choose to spend your time creatively.

Marc Anthony has said: «Do what you love and you will never have to work». And this is true, but motivation should not always be related to money.

Below you will confirm with three points that you actually do what you love, whether it is a profession, a hobby or a simple habit.

You could share it for free
Money is probably the biggest reward or better… it provides the best motivation to get out of bed and become active and productive. However, this does not guarantee that the process you go through is something you will enjoy, the opposite is more possible. When you overcome the idea that you «have to give in order to get» or that money is the purpose, then you will discover the great profit of moral satisfaction from engaging in what you love.

You transmit it
If your passion for swimming or football or reading is something that your friends and family like too, it means that you radiate contentment and love for what you do. On this way, some will follow you and others not, but this will not change your route.

You do not compromise with moderation
The moment you discover your inclination and talent in a particular direction is simply magical. Particularly if you are someone whose levels of self-esteem and self-esteem are low, then realizing that «I’m good at this» is like an adrenaline injection. Since the enemy of the good is the best, you will not stop looking for ways to improve and refine what you love.