Access to the day-to-day life of celebrities and ordinary people where all seem to be going right through social media has created a different concept of perfection.

However, perfectionism is not a necessary component in order to wake up and sleep with a sense of fullness, because on the one hand it’s almost never possible and on the other, it isn’t addressed to anyone.

Perfectionism is not equal to success
Conquering the top, or at least accomplishing a goal, is not necessarily a lonely journey, but seeking help from an experienced or someone who is already on the path to success is a smart tactic. A perfectionist believes that he/she will shake his/her image or hurt his/her selfishness by asking for help. Does your tendency to control everything and not move on to the next step if you don’t perfect the former hold you back?

People don’t like the perfectionist
Trying to build a flawless image in order to gain likes and impressions can convert to a boomerang, because the perfect doesn’t exist and the human isn’t attracted to it. Even a situation that approaches the perfect creates a feeling of pressure both for the one who is trying to reach the perfection and the one who is exposed to such a… spectacle. In other words, meeting a person who not only fights for perfection but wants to be around perfect people creates a vacuum.

Perfectionism and logic don’t fit
Images that are uploaded to social media always capture pleasant and smiling moments and become even brighter with the use of photo filters. Celebrities with their flawless appearance and a multitude of material possessions push you to the idea that perfection should be the biggest goal, but its hunt is exhausting. Since you aren’t in a position to control everyone and everything, then perfection is simply a fallacy.