When was the last time you read a book or even a magazine with educative articles? Does your daily “study” revolve around social media updates like Facebook and Instagram?

By introducing reading into your daily life, you can receive countless benefits such as the following:

It stimulates the soul
Research published on abcnews.go.com states that maintaining mental health delays or even prevents Alzheimer, since it keeps your brain alert and prevents it from losing power. Like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires training to stay strong and healthy, so reading and games, such as chess, are extremely beneficial.

It reduces stress
No matter how demanding a day at work is, how tired you are from a demanding workout in the gym, an optimistic story can change your mood and even relieve your physical pain. A well-written novel or biography of a successful man or even a book of self-improvement tips, can show you the way to physical and mental calm, while recharging your batteries.

It improves memory
Reading a book, you enter in the process of memorizing their characters, their experiences and ambitions, trying to anticipate the facts. The amount of information seems overwhelming, but regular reading exercises the mind and helps it remember faces and situations.