Getting out of the darkness of procrastination is a matter of choice. Once you decide to improve your life, make a plan that is simple and accessible at first.

In order to set the foundations for achieving ever greater goals, start with the following:

Shout it in the mirror

If you don’t take on the role of… cheerleader for yourself, then no one else will. You can’t control the situations around you, but you can control your thoughts. If you are permanently frustrated, this is reflected in your body language. This way you are not charming at all. So invest in improving your body by joining a gym and training yourself by studying self-improvement books. This way you will be able to stand in front of the mirror and feel proud.


Be your rain’s umbrella


Start with feasible goals

Before attempting to land on the moon, start by building the rocket for the journey. Setting measurable and realistic goals will help improve your life by building a momentum. Fulfilling the first goal will lead you to ask for more and in this area, human is a being who does not easily reach saturation. Along the way, don’t hesitate to seek help and invest in human relationships.

Emphasize in the morning

The way you start your day largely determines how it will evolve. If you struggle to open your eyes and move from room to room to get ready for work, then lethargy will gain. If, instead, you take a cold shower and eat a tasty and healthy breakfast, you will get into the role. In the extra time, read or meditate to prepare the mind for any spiritual challenge.


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