3 ways to manage anger

Every day you are in charge of tasks that will inevitably test your endurance at some point. Recognizing the “buttons” that when pushed upset you is an important step in keeping your anger in check. Here are 3 ways to manage anger:

Appreciate what you already have

When on the edge of losing your temper, the best thing you can do is take some time to calm down. During this time it would be good to recognize everything for which you are grateful. It could be your friends, family or pets.

The thought alone will bring a smile to your lips as well as the question of whether it’s worth getting angry and upset or not. According to Robert Emmons, people who have cultivated a sense of gratitude experience situations where they suddenly lose energy and composure less often.

Avoid playing the future scenarios in your head

When your day doesn’t start well, you start building an ominous scenario within your head. This includes a terrible commute to work, a demanding boss or even pouring a cup of coffee going the wrong way.

All of the above are schemes of the mind and it’s simply impossible to tell for sure any of them will happen. So in order to manage the anger forming inside you, take deep breaths and walk on the path of reality and not fantasy.

Disconnect from people and technology

When you find it difficult to say “no” within the work environment, you say “yes” to the accumulation of stress. Especially when you make it seem as if you’re available 24 hours a day, you just increase the chances of getting angry.

When you’re with your family or at the gym put your cell phone aside. Live the moment, enjoy the carefree life, dedicate yourself to something you love and you will immediately improve your mood.

Alternatively, set specific times in advance during which you will not give in to tension and friction.


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