Our busy daily life almost always finds us to run out of time. Both at home and in the office, the time available can often seem luxurious. How many times have you thought you need more hours in the day to catch up? Here are 3 ways to save time:

1. Assign tasks

If there is something in your program that you can outsource, do it. It can be either at home or at office. You may prefer to have total control over what you do, but this has an effect on your time left.

See if you can assign someone else a track that doesn’t require much supervision or can be easily learned. Weigh things in to see if the time you save is worth the confidence (and control) you give.

2. Focus on one thing

You may have heard the term multitasking again. It’s when you can do many things at once. Although many find it to be a good thing and it makes them faster, the truth is that neither of the two is the case.

Don’t start too many things and move on to the next before you finish. “A little bit of everything” is not the best, as this is often incompatible with quality.

Instead, focus on one thing and do it. When it’s done, move on to the next one. When you don’t feel like you have pending, it has a positive effect on your efficiency, and it makes you faster.


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3. Learn to say no

In continuation of the above, comes this magic word. No. If they come up to you to solve a problem or get more job, look where you can say no.

Sure you won’t always be able to refuse, but the times you know you can, don’t be afraid. You can always ask for help with some things so you don’t get all the work. You don’t have to thank everyone because it has an effect on your time, among other things.

Do you have any suggestions for ways to save time in the day?



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