For many people, waking up in the morning is a torment, as they feel they need more sleep and rest. Indeed, most of us even make a big mistake. In order to gain a few minutes of sleep in the morning, we get up a little bit before leaving for the work, so that we don’t have time to eat the breakfast or to do things for ourselves. We take a coffee quickly and we go directly to the office.

People who start their day with exercise are more productive and energetic at work. Exercise gives you energy and provides well-being for the rest of the day. Alsoit is a good way to relax. Before you think that the only thing you can do when waking up is a good breakfast, dedicate 10 minutes to yourself and remind that these 10 minutes will be valuable. Morning exercise will make you see the difference not only in your body and mood, but also in your efficiency at work.

Mapping the day
Start your day with a schedule, because this will give you a direction. Note every day what you should do. Make a plan of the day so in order toknow what obligations you have to fulfill.

Morning meditation can give you the clarity and tranquility you need at the beggining of the day. 10 minutes of meditation is enough to start your day in the best possible way. It has been proved that meditation has incredible benefits for our overall health, mental and physical.

Set priorities and it is good to start with the ones that are less appealing to you. Morning is the moment when you usually feel more relaxed and your energy levels are higher.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the «fuel» you need. When you wake up and you start your day with something nutritious -without fat and sugar-, with water and a refreshing drink, you’ve laid the foundations of a day with energy. Certainly, just a cup of coffee is not considered as a breakfast!