The knowledge of the self, and what this entails, is something that concerns human existence for many years. Outstanding personalities, philosophers, scientists, ordinary people of all sexes, ages and beliefs, from antiquity to the present, wish to conquer self- awareness.

Self- awareness is considered one of the most important virtues a human being can have. But why is it so important? Having complete knowledge and then – naturally – accepting ourselves, has countless benefits for both us and those around us. When it comes to self-awareness, 5 – and not only – wonderful things happen.

1. We understand the reason and how we respond to a variety of situations
Depending on what happens to us, whether positive or negative, our internal and external reactions play a crucial role in the self-awareness and interaction we have with those around us.

2. We have better psychology
Knowing and accepting ourselves automatically leads us to feel better about ourselves. On the one hand we know our positive aspects and we cultivate them and on the other we know the negative aspects: this is a first step towards our personal improvement.

3. We are more compassionate towards ourselves and those around us
Knowing why some things happen, such as why someone might react in a way we don’t like, makes us more compassionate towards them, because we see beyond the obvious reasons for a reaction.

4. We are confident
According to a lot of research done, people who have self- awareness are more confident and we notice it at the courage they show to achieve their goals. They are more confident about themselves. They know what they want and wh, and they are more determined about how to accomplish their goals.

5. We generally adopt a more positive lifestyle
We are more open-minded because there are not so many vulnerabilities that concern us about ourselves. We have accepted ourselves and we know that we constantly evolve. We value what we have and feel better than before, which is a result of the inner work we have done with ourselves.