There are many temptations and they are able to disrupt you. You know, however, that productivity at work depends largely on how focused you are. But how can you manage to stay unaffected by the “sirens”? Here are 7 tips to keep you focused on the job!

7 tips to be more focused at work!

Start with the important tasks

The most important thing to be productive is to take the time to find out what the most important tasks you have to do on a daily basis. This is because these are often tasks that require a great deal of concentration and energy. For most, the moment we are most “alive” at work is at the beginning of the day.

Try to work absorbed

Staying immersed in your work for hours without distracting or annoying you is crucial. And this is not accidental, it requires work and practice. If needed, use noise-canceling headphones, set a timer to count down for two hours, isolate yourself in a space where you are alone and focus all your attention on producing quality results.

Make “to-do” lists

Make a list of everything you want or need to do and the way you will do it. If you have a “to do” list, you are not going to forget any of the tasks you have to do.

In the silent sounds that disrupt

Pop-ups, new e-mail alerts, tweets and more. When working on a computer it is very easy to get distracted by the different sounds. Put it all in silence.

Get rid of your mobile phone

Your mobile phone will distract you many times a day unless you … put it aside. There is no other way. Most of us spend hours every day on our phones and most of this time is spent on social media and messaging apps like Viber. Let’s not even do it at work…

Quiet environment

If there is a buzz in your office and you should definitely complete a demanding project right away, grab your laptop and ask for a quiet place. If you work at home and there are ‘distractions’ (kids-TV-music) take your laptop and go to a coffee shop. In two hours you will be able to do much more work than at home.

Take short breaks

Working for many hours in a row is exhausting for you physically and mentally. So to stay productive you need to take a few breaks to relax. If you start to feel tired as you are bent over the desk, take five minutes to relax and relax your mind. Even that little time is enough to rejuvenate your creativity and inspiration.