Happy and optimistic people aren’t captive of their past and don’t use it as an alibi for what they may not have done in their life.

Principal keys – characteristics of optimistic people – that help us make correct choices for our present and future in order to be happy and achieve our goals.

Love for ourselves
Happy and optimistic people love their life. They love themselves in a healthy way. When one loves and respects him/herself, he/she can love others and can also accept their love.

Love for the others
They love other people, despite their defects! They focus on the good things the other have and appreciate them, without waiting for the perfect friend, partner, child or partner.

Gratitude is at the base of happiness. Of course there will also be difficulties and problems, but these provide experience and wisdom and emphasize the beautiful aspect of life.

Happy and optimistic people know how to forgive themselves and others. This doesn’t mean that they forget or become victims of the others. It means that they adopt a life-style that allows them to leave behind their negative experiences.

They listen carefully
They really know how to listen. They are in no hurry to express their opinion, they don’t want to prove that they are right and the others are wrong.

They convert jealousy to positive energy
When they notice someone better, they try to become better, they use their energy to improve their position, their quality of life and of their relationships.

They smile
Happy and optimistic people often smile. They emit positive energy and they create a positive ambience where they are. They attract positive people and opportunities in their life.

They focus on the positive
They notice the good side of the situations and they believe that all the problems have a solution. They don’t remind of the negative situations of the past and they don’t change.

They don’t transpose responsibilities
They do not blame their family or other people for what they find difficult. They recognize the role of the others in their life, but they don’t waste their time blaming them. They lean on themselves.