Anger is one of the basic human emotions. It is normal to get angry. Modern life, however, requires anger control. The purpose of anger management is to reduce the intensity, duration of emotion and the physiological arousal it causes. Here are 9 tips to regain your calmness:

9 tips to regain your calmness

Count to 10

Counting to “10” when we feel anger overwhelms us is not just a method for children. Before responding to a tense situation, take a few minutes to take a deep breath and measure up to 10, as this can help ease your anger.

Think before you speak

When you are angry, it is easy to say something you will regret later. Allow yourself some time to think before you say anything and allow others involved in the “problem” to do the same.


Finding solutions to problems!


Once you have calmed down, express your anger

When you are confident that you are thinking clearly, express your frustration in a confident and calm manner. State your concerns and needs clearly and sincerely.

Take a break

If you find that during a conversation you feel anger, anxiety and tension, give yourself time for a break. Move away by saying, for example, “I need some time to reflect on what we have said”. It’s important to come back to the subject when you are calmer and with clearer mind.

Relax with exercise

Physical activity can provide a way out for your emotions, especially if you feel anger. If your anger overwhelms you, go for a quick walk or run.

Use humor

Seeing everything more relaxed can help to relieve tension. But don’t use sarcasm, as it can hurt the other and make things worse.

Reduce the stress of everyday life

If you are already experiencing a stressful daily life, your chances of having anger bursts multiply. Relaxation techniques will not only help you gain better control of yourself, but will also help you become more confident.


Not only does it help to relax the body, but it also helps to understand what you feel in order to manage it effectively. The expert will guide you so that you can reconcile the mistakes of the past, as well as find the strength to forgive those around you and lead your life without shadows.

Look for solutions

Instead of focusing only on what makes you angry, find solutions. Remember: anger is not the solution!



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