Age is just a number

According to Lewis Lipsitz, “Aging is not necessarily a process of decline.” On the contrary, age can be considered just a number. All you have to do is make this conscious decision and keep your mind and body awake.

And to stick to such attitude, do the following:

Believe that there are still things worth living for

If the fact that you are getting older discourages you, no one can change your mind if you aren’t ready to see outside the box. In other words, realize that the best is yet to come and that technology provides you with more and more comforts that you didn’t enjoy as a child or even as an adult. Believe that getting older but not wearing out is a possibility and a feasible scenario, and you’ve taken the first step. Growing older is inevitable but it doesn’t mean decline in your activity.

Remain active

The Department of Gerontology and Healthcare Research at Brown University has conducted research that lead to the conclusion that stimulating the brain through music and exercise also determines the degree of aging. Elizabeth Stine-Morrow says that you must, “Use it or lose it”. Of course, it refers to skills and habits which, as they are repeated, are perfected. On the contrary, if you lose interest in something you love just because you believe that the body can’t follow the mind anymore, you’ve already lost so much more.

Spend some time alone

Regardless of whether you believe that age is just a number, you and only you can understand your body. Only you can realize what wears you down and at the same time what elevates you. This of course has an impact on your psychology as well. Dr. Ayn Welleford emphasizes the value of periodic isolation when you need it. This way you and your inner self, both recharge your batteries, as well as reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the crowd.


Do more with less

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